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Do Andrew Reynold’s Modules Really Work?
Are you frustrated at never being able to get anywhere in this so-called lucrative business? Have you subscribed to tons of modules, been to bootcamps, bought licenses to a bunch of money-making DVDs, started off with great enthusiasm? – But are now stuck, don’t know what to do, (because you never get any proper help), you don’t know where else to turn to for advice, you feel isolated, you eventually turn your back to the wall, pull down the garage door that’s chock full of licensed stuff, with the last hope of maybe getting rid of it at car boot sales.

Sound Familiar?

My name is Sarah Lyle and I have been working my own info product business since January 2008. I too subscribed to COD for over a year and decided to give it a go, despite having very little capital. Being dead broke was in a bizarre way fortunate for me – I could not afford the bootcamps and expensive product licenses, but I met a few people on UK business forums who did, and I must say I was not impressed by their experiences. Word of mouth was that once you bought the stuff the “Gurus” wanted to sell you – you were left to get on with it, or if you wanted any help you’d be charged further for it. I twigged that even though the business model itself works, you are constantly taken up the garden path with all the money-making home business licensed stuff they want you to buy. In my year’s experience I found to my cost, (and with a miniscule budget to begin with), the home business money-making niche DOES NOT WORK FOR NEWBIES LIKE ME AND YOU

Why You Cannot Sell Their Money-Making Products

When all the top honchos were making their big money 7 or 8 years ago the things that you could get away with then are not feasible now. Your potential customer is a lot more sophisticated. They will not touch any money-making home business product with a barge poleunless you made money with it yourself and can furnish all the proof! It’s the chicken and the egg situation. You cannot get any proof of earnings unless you start selling the product, you cannot sell the product if you can’t show proof of earnings or testimonials from previous customers who bought it. Hence you are stuck with a garage-full of CDs, Manuals, DVDs etc you cannot shift no matter how much you paid your sales copy guy to write the greatest pitch. Or how eye-catchingly you re-branded.

So the best thing you can do when you start out is stay away from business opportunity stuff.

Failure, Through and Through Till…

Quite simply, this guy told me that when you start out in this business, you need to concentrate on selling a speciality niche product and then when you have sold plenty, and made good money, only then can you make sales in the money making niche. Because you’ve earned your spurs, and you are legitimate to your prospect. You can show the proof, get the testimonials and better still, create your own product on how you made all that money to begin with and it will sell like wildfire!

It’s That Simple!

That’s why all the profit I have made from the few sales I did make have all gone towards my own speciality niche product – a DVD workshop. I JV’d with an expert and you’ll find it here:http://www.thepsychicworkshop.co.uk it’s a steady seller and I am using it as a “front-end” for a continuity program I am going to set up later in 2010. I have researched and seen big profit potential in this as yet untapped niche. This is the first thing you must do!

How Do you Do it?

No need to to spend out thousands any longer in order to have “stock” you can easily create your own niche products – it’s not that scary lol!  If I were you I would sign into my newsletter and take a look at my free videos to give you a good start.

Free Video Shows How To Grow your IM Subscriber Base from Nothing to Something Powerful in 30 days!

Announcing The Birth of a New List Building Tool – Beginners & Advanced Users Just Love!

From: Sarah Lyle


Hi, it’s Sarah Lyle here I just wanted to share with you a new way to grow your subscriber base as quickly and painlessly as possible.

I’ve been using this new tool myself since March 2010 to build my IM list from scratch and I have to say I have been very impressed with not only the results, but the ease of use.

I get highly targeted leads to my opt in pages with a few clicks of my mouse – and that’s it!

I don’t have to worry about driving traffic to my squeeze page because it’s automatically taken care of.  How is that possible?

Well, this new tool takes the latest list building strategy called “adswapping” and totally automates the process. And if you don’t know what adswapping is check out my video and I’ll explain.

But in a nutshell it’s where you give a JV partner with a big list some email text that points to your own squeeze page for him/her to slot into their autoresponder to send out to their big list.  So your JV partner sends your text to his people and in exchange you send his/her email text to yours.


Watch my free video and you’ll get the drift.  If you already know a bit about adswapping you’ll soon discover how incredibly easy it can be to generate all the quality leads you need without any of the pain associated with trying to butter up list owners to swap with you.

Enter your email below to find out how to start a quality IM list at lightening speed.

I’ll send your video to you if you fill out the box here:

552M2CAXN6RY For a start you should be getting targeted traffic to your website or squeeze page.  Pay per click is a great way to get quality traffic in an instant.  But obviously you need a daily budget that does not make your eventual cost per subscriber too large!  Also you can improve your website traffic by article marketing, SEO and forum posting.  Obviously this is more time consuming but it’s more or less a free way to get quality leads.

Make sure your squeeze page copy converts – use some persuasive psychological triggers!  Read Robert B Cialdini’s The Psychology of Persuasion

In order to persuade people to sign onto your mailing list you need to offer them something like a “bribe”  The best way to do this would be to offer a free video or short report.  For instance if you had a dating techniques website, you could offer a free video or a short report outlining the “7 Mistakes Men Make on Their First Date” – obviously that would be geared towards males, so you could do a similar one aimed at your female visitors. In exchange for the free video or report the customer would have to sign up to your mailing list.

As well as having an opt in or sign up form on your blog or website you can also create a standalone web page called a squeeze page where you can properly plug the benefits of your free giveaway in exchange for the visitor to add their email into the opt in form on the squeeze page.

There are two ways you can supply your customer with their giveaway – either by “single opt in” or “double opt in”

With single opt in the visitor just enters his/her email and is taken straight to the webpage that houses their free gift.

With double opt in when the visitor enters their email they are then taken to a page that says they have to confirm that they wish to receive information from you.  Once they confirm they can then get access to their free gift.

The difference between double and single opt in is that with double opt in though slower to build then single opt in, your list building will be of higher quality as the user would have had to sign up twice in order to receive your information, which means they really are interested in what you have to offer.  I’ve used both single and double opt in with no problems.

One of the best ways to do this is if you have a site that sells goods is to have an opt in or sign up box in a prominent position on your home page and contact page asking customers if they would like updates on their purchase or discounts on future purchases.  Another way is to build a credible site using free tools like a wordpress or blogger blog that carries good, valuable information on your niche.

Information that is usable by your visitor and encourages them to want more from you.

You can then place an opt in box on this blog offering further free useful information in an email newsletter.

You will need some autoresponder software to facilitate the opt in form creation, the follow up emails you will want to send and tracking/statistical information that is very useful to plan your email campaigns with.

You can use Aweber, (which is what I use myself), GetResponse, iContact - building your mailing list is very important so why mess around with free autoresponders?  IMHO stick with a professional paid for service.

Because if you are generating traffic to a particular website in order just to sell your stuff one time to a customer, then you are missing out on future sales from that one customer that you sweated to drive to your website in the first place!

Practically every newbie, (me included, what a dufus!), makes this mistake. Under appreciating the capacity of monster income that can be generated by promoting yours or others products or services to a repeat customer list that you own.

If you have a list of only 1000 subscribers and manage to convert them at an easy 1% that is still 10 sales X $97 priced offer = $970 from one email that probably took you 15 minutes to write!

So you can see that out of all the ways and means there are of making cash online.  Building your own hot targeted list of subscribers is a must and a serious secure long term business asset.